Masticating Molars

by Dr. Fressen

Burger’s Priest


Guten Tag!!

Dr. Fressen here, finally my wonderful wife and I have gotten around to eating some of the finer foods that the GTA has to offer!  We hope you enjoy our first post as much as we enjoyed eating and writing them for you!  Our first sampling is from a young, but growing Toronto institution – Burger’s Priest!

This is not the first time we have had the communal offerings from the Priest, but every time we have eaten, it has gotten better.  I had a craving about 2 months ago and showed up around 9:30 to find that they had run out of beef.  Anyways, a little information about Burger’s Priest.

The Burger’s Priest prides itself as a “classic American cheeseburger joint” that provides freshly ground beef made to order.  The menu is fairly straightforward, burgers, vegetable burgers (known as “The Option”), fries and drinks.  While the menu appears to be straightforward, there is rumoured to be a secret menu, a la In and Out Burger, but with religious affiliations.  A sample of the secret menu can be found here:  The restaurant has a basic take out counter and a few stools for waiting customers; eating in is not an option as it is a takeout only place.  The layout is designed to get the line (as long as 40 minutes long) in and out as fast as possible.  Once the restaurant runs out of meat, that’s it for the day and many broken hearts and hungry stomachs are left to contemplate the cruel nature of this priest’s sermons.


My wife and I both ordered a double cheeseburger, hers fully loaded while mine with simple, traditional toppings of ketchup, mayo, relish and lettuce.  After 15 minutes of watching our burgers cook, the smell of freshly cooking ground beef, our order was ready, served in a simple brown bag.  Across the street we went to enjoy our gifts from the priest, my molars were chattering endlessly in excitement and anticipation.


The burger is assembled wonderfully with the proper bun to meat ratio.  A simple, white bun holds the glorious meat patties together as one.  The meat is moist, juicy, well seasoned and cooked expertly.  The toppings add a nice touch, but allow the beefiness of the meat to shine through.  While the buns absorb the majority of the meat drippings, they leave something to be desired.  The combination of the melted processed cheese, freshly ground and seasoned burger patties, toppings and burgers remind me of a backyard barbecue.  The burger and meat patties had the proper resistance to my incisors, not too hard, but soft enough to allow my teeth to pass through the burger with dental-like precision.  Simple, expertly prepared, delicious.  My molars were thoroughly satisfied, as was my meat tooth!



Overall, an excellent burger, one of Toronto’s best, but not sure if it is enough to supplement Five Guys, whose review will be up soon!  I need to come to confession more frequently and visit the Burger’s Priest!


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